The perfect bow definitely completes the outfit!!

Posted on April 19, 2018 by Jasmine Pretty Little Clippies

The perfect bow definitely completes the outfit!!

The perfect bow definitely completes the outfit!!

As a mum I take so much pride in accessorising my little one's outfits!! The perfect coloured bow definitely makes her outfits look complete! Who doesn’t love a pretty bow or baby headband on our darling baby girls?!

Since my daughter was a tiny tot, I absolutely loved dressing her up with beautiful bows & pretty baby headbands!!  I love nothing more than accessorising her cute baby outfits with the perfect bow!

Not to mention.... EVERY time we were out and about and she was wearing one of our beautiful Pretty Little Clippies' bows or floral headbands or even one of our huge bow handband I ALWAYS got so many complements on how cute she looked!!

Now, let's all agree, ALL BABIES ARE TOTALLY SCRUNCHABLE!... but it can't be denied... the PERFECT BOW or baby headband simply COMPLETES the outfit!

Truth be known, as any mum of a newborn knows, there were many occasions where mummy looked like a total mess!... with dry spit-up on my shirt and hair un-brushed for three days! But, it made it all worth it when out and about with my mini in her pretty bows and she was getting all the compliments!! I was a definitely a proud mumma showing off my daughter in her cute baby headbands to complete strangers!!

So head over now to our beautiful range of bows on our website and pick out the perfect bows for your precious baby girl! We have so many different colours and styles, it's hard not to find the perfect one... or more!!

Happy shopping!! xx Jas

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