Beautiful hair bows for babies are a timeless hair accessory!

Posted on November 24, 2014 by Pretty Little Clippie Ladies xx

Charlotte Hair Bows for Babies Toddler Hair ClipsGorgeous hair bows for babies are a classic and timeless look! And at Pretty Little Clippies Australia, we have an ever expanding range of irresistible hair bows for babies and toddlers.

Although we all know that there's nothing more irresistible than a baby girl in her little romper, soft leather baby shoes with extra large bow head wrap (extra large just for emphasis...!), sometimes, let's admit it, it's simply easier to implement "practical fashion" for baby girls, especially if you want your little girl to keep those hair accessories in for the whole afternoon! (a big ask I know...!) And that's where our beautiful hair bow hair clips for babies and toddlers make the perfect fashion hair accessory to compliment your little girl's adorable outfit!

Dotti Hair Bows for Babies and Toddlers Hair Clip Accessory

When my twin girls were still babies, their hair was fine, and I really wasn't a fan of cutting a fringe (bangs) into their hair (yep, those cringe-worthy memories of the "home-job" fringe cuts from childhood... and I've got the school photos to prove it!). So I decided I was going to try hair clips for babies instead, just to keep the hair out of their eyes and to stop it annoying them, until it grew long enough to really tie up into a hair tie, top knot (I always found those grippy, plastiky types that you can pick up from your local hair accessories store perfect for baby fine hair).

Jewell Sparkly Non Slip Hair Clip for Toddlers and Babies | Hair Bows for Babies

At first I tried the hair bows for babies from regular department stores like Target and Big W, and although these toddler hair bows were pretty, I found that most were set on a smooth clip that would simply slide out of baby's hair before long. That's when I stumbled on (and fell in LOVE with) these fantastic baby and toddler hair bows that are set on alligator clips. The alligator edges create more "grip", making it less likely that the clips will slide out of baby's hair easily. So we've sourced some of these adorable hair clips for toddlers and babies and are excited that our gorgeous range is ever expanding as we source these beautifully hand made and had crafted hair accessories from around the world. So check out our store and be delighted by our range of pretty hair accessories for toddlers, babies and even for the bigger girls!

For some great tips on how to stop baby from pulling out her hair clips and generally how to start off on the right foot when putting hair accessories in your baby's hair, check out our blog post!

Keeping it super cute for the little fashionistas as always! 

xx PLC Ladies XX

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