How can I stop my baby from pulling out her hair clips? Help!

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“My baby just won’t keep her hair bows in!” 

“My baby just pulls out hair clips! I put them in and she just yanks them out again"

"I can't stop my two year old daughter from pulling her hair clips out - help!"

Does this sound familiar?! Wish your baby girl loved her pretty hair clips as much as you do?

I've heard the above comments from many frustrated mums who just want their baby girl to keep those gorgeous hair clips in!   

Firstly, don’t panic! It's common for baby girls to react initially by pulling out their hair clips and you'll be happy to know that there’s a few simple suggestions and tricks you can try out, particularly if you get in early. These suggestions just might help to stop your little girl from pulling her hair clips out!

Tips to keep baby from pulling barrettes out of her hair: 

Tip 1 - Start early and start out on the right foot!

Don’t wait! Get baby used to wearing clips early. Win her trust and it will pay off later when you'll be able to use all those adorable hair accessories you've purchased and been dying to try out in her hair!

Tip 2 - Grippy rubber hair ties - a mum’s best friend

Non slip hair ties (hair elastics) for babies and toddlers online

Head down to your local hair accessories department and grab yourself a bag of grippy rubber hair ties (elastics). They’re not exactly a rubber band but more of a “plasticky” substance designed not to break fine baby hair. If you’re able to get these in and wrap them around baby’s hair tightly enough - even mum will sometimes struggle to get them out! Once your baby girl gets used to having these grippy hair ties in, it should be an easy task to slip in a non slip baby hair clip and fingers crossed... she won’t try to yank them out!  

Tip 3 - “Ouch - that hurts”

Well, that’s what she would say if she could talk!!  The best tip when inserting the grippy hair tie is always, always, always! make sure there’s no little pesky hairs caught that will cause her irritation and most definitely she will start pulling and yanking at the hair clips or hair ties and then associate hair clips and baby bows with pain and discomfort! A little trick that worked with my twin baby girls every time was 1. make sure no hairs are caught as you tie the grippy band, then 2. most importantly, do a slight “tug” on the hair tie to pull the hair tie slightly off the scalp, making the hair “relax” a little (not feel so taught or sore). And always try not to pull or press baby's head! That way baby won’t feel any irritation once you insert the baby hair clips and won’t end up with a sore or bruised head (come on mum - you remember what that was like!) 

Tip 4 - Distractions!

As all mum’s know, if it works, go with it! Snacks, toys, a Baby Einstein, whatever shifts baby’s attention from the fact that you’re wrestling to get those hair ties in without any discomfort to bubby! 

Tip 5 - Smile, you did it!

To all the mums out there that just want to show off your little princess looking gorgeous in her baby hair clips when you head down to the shops, just follow the suggestions above and you'll have your baby girl rocking those baby bows in no time!

And do remember that most little ones go through "phases" so if despite all your best efforts, bub still doesn't like clips or ties in her hair, don't fret! You can always try again down the track.

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